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Building Self-Esteem

One of my biggest passions is helping brilliant children realize that Dyslexia does not make them inferior.  My desire is to help them Learn to Soar, before they get beat down by failures and struggles of trying to function in traditionally taught classrooms.  I try to reinforce their unique abilities in all of my tutoring sessions.  


This page is a collection of some of my favorite dyslexia self-esteem builders.

Sophia's Dyslexia Fight Song - "I Love this Video"

  • artistic skill

  • athletic ability

  • musical ability

  • mechanical ability

  • people skills

  • 3-D visual-spatial skills

  • vivid imagination

  • intuition

  • creative, global thinking

  • curiosity

Strengths of Dyslexics

Good Careers for Dyslexics

  • architecture

  • interior or design

  • psychology

  • teaching

  • marketing and sales

  • culinary arts

  • woodworking

  • carpentry

  • performing arts

  • athletics

  • music

  • scientific research

  • engineering

  • computers

  • electronics

  • mechanics

  • graphic arts

  • photography

Powerful Story - Piper Otterbein

Famous Dyslexics

Important Links

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